Stefan Bruins
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XIMPEL project

About the project

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In this project I implemented the HTML5 version of the Interacive Media Presentation framework called XIMPEL. Originally the XIMPEL framework was implemented in flash and in this project I developed the core features of the framework using Javascript, HTML(5) and CSS.

With the XIMPEL framework authors can create media presentations by describing the presentation using XML. The presentation can contain different types of media. The default media types that can be used are images, regular videos, youtube videos and audio fragments. Additional media types can easily be added to XIMPEL by creating a custom media type object that implements the media type API. An example of a custom media type could be a Google Maps media type that allows to integrate google maps in your presentation.

XIMPEL presentations can not only show different types of media in a linear order but can be interactive. The user can click on overlays to jump to different parts of the presentation or questions can be asked and based on the given answers different media may be shown.

Project result

The demo shows a very basic example presentation created with the XIMPEL framework. The XML file is used by XIMPEL to generate this presentation.